A Graduation Gift From Yourself

Graduates expect gifts from friends and family, but they forget about treating themselves.

Finals have ended, grades have been returned. Congratulations, you have graduated college! You will be rewarded lavishly by your family and friends with graduation gifts in the upcoming weeks, but may never receive a gift from your closest confidante: Yourself!

Many graduates do not think about rewarding themselves after four grueling years of school. One last hurrah before starting a career is essential. The problem is a lack of meaningful ways to celebrate the next stage of life. Purchasing a new iPod is no way to say, "I have graduated college," but exploring the world is.

Travel can be fun, inexpensive, and a significant moment in a young person's development. The summer following graduation is the perfect time to backpack through Europe or take a road trip across America. Experiencing new cultures, meeting interesting people, and seeing the sights will only add to the education you received in school. You could learn something about yourself, too.

After being cooped up in the same college town for four years, it is nice to get out and see the world.

Go with a group of pals from college. When you reminisce about this trip, you will want to remember the stories, jokes, and faces of friends. Many of your college buddies will be moving away to pursue jobs.  A trip may be your last chance at spending quality time with them.

Traveling together saves money on transportation, food, and lodging, as well. Budget your trip so you don't spend all the cash you got at your graduation party. The trip will only be as expensive as you make it.

Once your parents hear about your plans, they may want to get involved, too. The more people supporting you on your trip, the easier and more enjoyable it will be. The graduation gift from yourself will turn into the graduation gift from everyone.

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