Graduation Gifts For Technology Majors That Compute

Technology related graduation gifts for graduates holding a Bachelor's degree in technology.

A Bachelor's of Science degree in Technology is a major accomplishment and one that should be celebrated. Technology degrees tend to be some of the most difficult but the rewards for those holding a BS in technology are great. When considering graduation gifts for technology majors, you don't necessarily have to be computer savvy to give a great gift.

Offer to help your graduate pursue their certifications. Many graduates will need certain IT certification in order to gain and advance in future jobs. Certifications such as A+, Net +, MCP, MSCE, and even Cisco are valuable, but also costly. Offer to help your graduate offset of the cost of certification. A+ and MCP are the top two certifications that many entry level employers look for.

A new laptop would be a welcome gift for many technology graduates. Laptops offer power computing and the ability to travel. Many jobs, even non-technical jobs, require the use of a laptop.

Gift cards from technology stores such as Best Buy are also great ideas. While many people find gift cards tacky, many technology buffs would prefer that you give them a gift card and let them make the choice of gift. They know what they want and giving them a gift card can ensure the gift is right the first time.

Face it, your graduate is now a certified geek. This geek will get paid very well for their knowledge and skills. When shopping for a graduation gift, buy them a gift that celebrates their accomplishments and allows them to enjoy their passion in technology.

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