Tips For Writing Thank You Notes For Graduation Gifts

Graduation is hectic time, but don't underestimate the importance of thank you notes for your gifts.

A thank you note is a necessary courtesy after receiving any gift. For recent graduates, though, the vision of a stack of blank cards can be horrifying. "You mean I just finished four years of writing and have to write more?"

Graduation gifts are not a requirement; a form of appreciation is obligatory. Thinking of note-writing as a show of respect instead of a chore will expedite the process.

Do not let the work pile up. Graduates receive gifts for months after they have graduated. If thank you notes are written as the gifts are received, the workload will seem less daunting. Keeping unwritten thank you notes to a manageable number will curb procrastination and increase productivity. When there is too much work to do, it often doesn't get done at all.

Be prompt with your note writing. Friends and family will understand, but they should not be receiving thank you notes months later.

The content of the note should be appropriate and personal. Thank the recipient for the specific gift he or she gave. This shows you were paying attention and not mass producing impersonal notes.

The note would be a proper medium through which to thank a person for any other help they assisted you with while you were in school. The important people in your life have done so much more than give you money.

Add a personal touch to the note. The addition of a story or joke, or the use of a nickname adds liveliness to the note and displays your personality. Write as a friend, not as a solemn businessperson.


Use proper grammar and check spelling. You just graduated college, write like it.

The months after graduation can be hectic, with job-hunting, travel plans, and moving out of your college residency. You may think they are a pain, but thank you cards for graduation gifts should be one of your top priorities.

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